The long road to Damascus

If we take the first homo sapiens as living in Morocco around 315,000 years ago, and define a generation as spanning 25 years, then our ancestors have been born, spawned and died about 12,600 times.
That’s a lot of lives culminating in us and a humbling and slightly vertiginous thought.

1 step forwards 2 steps backwards

Our generation has been called selfish for clearing supermarket shelves denying those who made sacrifices during the wars for our prosperity and freedom. We’ve faced criticism for whining about having to stay indoors with the TV and Internet but free from air raids. Yet aren’t we products of our upbringing, adaptions to our environment? Levels…

Shingle Street 2.0

Shingle Street is an empty wild place where nature takes centre stage and modern life seems a bit puny. That night the stars shone brightly behind Mars and Venus.