Return of the CAT (Centre for Alternative Technology)

We first visited the CAT in Snowdonia about 10 years ago. We stayed at the Snowdon Ranger youth hostel, coincidentally in the same room we had 5 years ago for a birthday assault on Snowdon – it was just as grotty and with the same pungent reminder of how socks fair after a long hike.…

55 ffs

There’ve recently been 2 celebrations: birthday lunch with my surrogate family and Father’s day with the boys and Ali. Ageing is so interesting, its swings and roundabouts better navigated after a few laps around the block. Things are more easily appreciated for what they are, as opposed to how they might appear to greener eyes.  I’m…

A not so big festival

This summer has been really hot, redolent of ’77, so it was great to chill in the garden of a big old country house in Kent. I’d been invited to an annual gathering of friends and family that’s been happening since 2003, and a jolly, inclusive event it was too.

Shingle Street 2.0

Shingle Street is an empty wild place where nature takes centre stage and modern life seems a bit puny. That night the stars shone brightly behind Mars and Venus.