Learning the Hard Way

He inhaled slightly, brought his attention back to the head in the centre of the sight’s reticle, and squeezed the trigger. The gun barked, and kicked into his embrace, though not enough to take the couple from view.

Eight limbs of yoga – 1. Yama – Behaviour

Unlike the second limb of yoga, the Niyamas or yogic “Dos”, the Yamas define the “Don’ts”; the rules aimed at curbing our negative tendencies and keeping us “on the straight and narrow”. Between them they constitute yoga’s ethical foundation which is meant to not only facilitate positive karma, but to also help manage the energy that comes from awakening the Kundalini Shakti within.

Joy in business

Perhaps starting a business is always a challenge, a lonely path with obstacles and doubters aplenty; one which calls for extraordinary self belief, resilience, diverse skills, and not so much objectivity.

Om namah shivaya

It’s hard to follow a post about summer festivals with one on Armageddon, but it’s harder to ignore the headlines. The unthinkable has always been planned, but now it seems we’re being prepared for a “tactical” nuclear war.

Does the moon also fall?

Does the moon also fall, was a question posed by Newton, who defined the laws of motion and first used calculus to predict the paths of planets and comets. Not only did he precipitate a seismic shift in human understanding, his mathematics helped to cast God as the creator of a great celestial mechanism, however…