A not so big festival

This summer has been really hot, redolent of ’77, so it was great to chill in the garden of a big old country house in Kent. I’d been invited to an annual gathering of friends and family that’s been happening since 2003, and a jolly, inclusive event it was too.

Shingle Street 2.0

Shingle Street is an empty wild place where nature takes centre stage and modern life seems a bit puny. That night the stars shone brightly behind Mars and Venus.

Bundaberg the farming town

After the job had finished, I decided to head up towards Brisbane as the busy tourist trap of the Gold Coast wasn’t really my scene and I wanted to meet a friend with similar plans. I met Thomas about a month ago over a ping pong table in another hostel. We both wanted to travel…

Hills to high-rise

The Gold Coast’s a tourist destination on the eastern edge of Australia, where masses of burned and tanned bodies dressed in vests, flat caps and bikinis, writhe round the ankles of a forest of sky-scrapers.

NZ – last post

My Dad, brother and I have a tradition of finding adventures on holiday.  Nick’s planning, stepping off the beaten track and mucking around, make for a good time.