Another short story

If nothing else, Lockdown’s been a time to read and write, so I hope this short story inspired by the work of a good friend offers some alternative to the book of Revelations we seem to be living through :0( Book 13)

Wrapping up

The last few months have been extraordinary and life changing for so many of us. I doubt we’ll be going back to how things were, yet as one door closes… there will be opportunities to make a better future.

Coming of age

This year my lads turned 21 and 18, so after rummaging through the memory cards, I made these retrospectives (vol might need turning up). Afterwards I was reminded of this perspective upon Gladiator – strength and honour chaps.

Since the 8th of July

Max has been back here. For a year, he and Yaz have planned and dreamt of van life and as Lockdown bit they began serious work on converting a refrigerated van into mobile life support. With university disrupted, returning to home comforts and a garage of tools seemed a good option, besides, he and I…

Hunkering Down

Easter Monday – Christ’s resurrection The most important, magical and promising event in the Christian calendar brought grey skies and showers that broke the most glorious sunny spell. Not so up lifting, but lockdown Britain breathed easier with the opening of some London parks earlier this week, albeit to the tune of megaphone wielding cops.…

1 step forwards 2 steps backwards

Our generation has been called selfish for clearing supermarket shelves denying those who made sacrifices during the wars for our prosperity and freedom. We’ve faced criticism for whining about having to stay indoors with the TV and Internet but free from air raids. Yet aren’t we products of our upbringing, adaptions to our environment? Levels…

Flights in the air 26th March.

Life during wartime

This is a headline in today’s Guardian – England: police to get power to use force to impose coronavirus lockdown:  “The Guardian has learned that, under plans being discussed by ministers and senior officials, officers would first encourage and cajole people to go back indoors if they suspect them of being out of their home…

“So I looked, and behold, a pale horse”

The arrival of Covid-19 has greatly disrupted the world and daily life in a very short period of time. Though flu stats are hard to pin down, here’s a thumbnail summary for some perspective on Covid-19 – The Great Spanish Fu epidemic of 1917 is estimated to have killed 50 million+ with a mortality rate…