Bundaberg the farming town

After the job had finished, I decided to head up towards Brisbane as the busy tourist trap of the Gold Coast wasn’t really my scene and I wanted to meet a friend with similar plans. I met Thomas about a month ago over a ping pong table in another hostel. We both wanted to travel…

Fathers’ day

Getting older involves trading many useful things, like working knees, for perspective and insight. Of course it’s natural to hope one’s children inherit just good things, avoid repeating mistakes and grow up to enjoy “better” lives, but getting there tests parental patience and empathy. 

Hills to high-rise

The Gold Coast’s a tourist destination on the eastern edge of Australia, where masses of burned and tanned bodies dressed in vests, flat caps and bikinis, writhe round the ankles of a forest of sky-scrapers.

NZ – last post

My Dad, brother and I have a tradition of finding adventures on holiday.  Nick’s planning, stepping off the beaten track and mucking around, make for a good time.

Another vision of beauty

At Blockhill, Melisa and Olmec are 8 years into their sustainable, low environmental impact project, and we were bowled over by their efforts to turn a grass hillside into a verdant and bountiful garden.