Om namah shivaya

It’s hard to follow a post about summer festivals with one on Armageddon, but it’s harder to ignore the headlines. The unthinkable has always been planned, but now it seems we’re being prepared for a “tactical” nuclear war.

West makes plans to avoid panic if Russia uses nuclear bomb in Ukraine.

The Guardian 15th Oct 2022

For four generations the UK has thankfully not suffered large scale war. In that time the Internet and mobile phones have made it easier to share views about global events and galvanise public opinion, which generally tends not to ❤️ nuclear holocaust.

Number of operational deaths of the armed forces of the United Kingdom from 1945 to 2022

But if Ukraine doesn’t erupt, I fear it won’t be long before Taiwan does. Behind the media headlines, global politics is heavily influenced by neoimperialism, access to resources, and “defence” industries.

A clue to the biggest threats to global security?
Global military expenditure 2020 – Stockholm International Peace Initiative
US naval bases and seventh fleet form another great wall. One might be forgiven for thinking “manifest destiny” is yet a contemporary doctrine.

After the trials of the past few years we might’ve hoped for a break and some competent, credible government. Without either, it’s hard to know what to do, but we can always keep faith, be aware, stick together with kindness, and hold those responsible to account.

Shiva’s often depicted mid dance, his right foot poised to stamp down and bring the cosmos to an end – let’s hope not just yet.

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