We’re going on a Mondo

This year’s seen some great trips: S. Downs TET, NZ, France & Holland, Kent :0)
but in 4 weeks time, bike, bones and balls will be tested on the Mini Mondo: a week of trail riding in the pyrenees. So Doris is up on the bench being pimped and prepared, lists are being written and an exercise programme to stretch sinews and strengthen muscles begun.

I hope to get some practice in beforehand, but with the plaster only coming off a broken wrist a couple of weeks ago, the prospect of even a gentle weekend hack around Thetford is a little daunting.

That said, the call of the wild could be heard loud and clear at this year’s Adventure Travel Film Festival, which again galvanised limbs and inspired more derring do.

Mondo on Youtube Mini Mondo promo

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