A short trip to France and Holland

A few strands came together this week to make for a trip over to the continent with an old mate and a visit to an even older mate.

It was a diverse and intense few days: taking in a French seaside town that could’ve been twinned with Jaywick,

jaywick sur mer


grand meringues on the beach, a 5 course feast, gate mending, watching England lose to Croatia, a dear little three month old German baby,

Nick and Roband an extravagant pan European classical concert in Maastricht,

twelve thousand people

big heads

The cast

All in all a heady mixture, anchored by a wonderful church,

Basilica of our ladywith the most glorious romanesque apse.

So today’s been a day to unpack, reorientate, celebrate England levelling the ODI series against India, and prepare for whatever’s next.

On n’est point toujours une bête pour l’avoir été quelquefois.





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