My 10 year old’s take on being a boy

GJ ~ What do you like about being a boy?
M ~ Unlike girls you don’t have to shave a lot
You can do more boisterous stuff without worrying
about your skirt flapping up
You get to drink beer
You watch scarier films more often
and go on the computer more

GJ ~ But can’t your sister do the last 3 things as well?
M ~ She doesn’t tend to as much

GJ ~ Why do you think that is?
M ~ She spends more time making things like willow hearts.

GJ ~ If you were a girl what do you think you might think of boys?
M ~ That sounds like a gay option!

GJ ~ Do you think girls understand boys?
M ~ No not one tiny bit

GJ ~ Do you think boys understand girls?
M ~ Not really Boys are a bit more sexist sometimes they think girls are more stupid.
GJ ~Well that seems off the mark given 11 of the 16 children sitting the 11+ mock today were girls.

No surprises there then, apart from there being really no surprises but for the acknowledgement that thinking girls are more stupid is sexist, not to mention pejorative.

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