New Year: more smog than snog

New Years Day 2016

WP_20160101_17_39_01_Pro (1).jpg

Delhi streets from Sam’s bar with a backdrop of fog/smog

I woke late and then didn’t do much except pack and tuk-tuk across town :0)
Then something unexpected, an odd little happenstance, saw me being shown a bewildering variety of shawls.

Surrounded by the most exquisite pashminas, I was reminded of the ancient link between trade and hospitality. Whether fabrics, spices or news, it’s good to take time out to appreciate the finer things, share stories, speak of children, drink tea, and affirm a common humanity. All of which cushion the onward road.

Tomorrow, before the fray, there’s the tooling-up, always a good bit.
Think Eastwood and Newman assembling their guns from the pick of the guncase, the magnificent 7 training the militia, Bond irritating M in the secret workshop, Paddington packing his marmalade sandwiches
– something like that.


The motorbike quarter

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