Biting the dust

Although I’ve not much time for people taking pictures of their food and posting to social media, it’s been a long, dusty day and I’m happy to be waiting for room service to deliver fried snacks and another beer.

The plan to split the return leg across two days went by the wayside and I’m now back in Delhi. The road was tough and eventful as usual, but also compelling and once in the city outskirts, the traffic and smog made stopping an unpleasant option, so I pressed on.

sun through delhi smog

It’s strange to be able to look directly into the sun because it’s so obscured by pollution. (not my pic, but it was just like this today)

According to this article more people die of air pollution than Malaria and HIV !  I hope we’re smart enough to not poison the planet with polluting traffic.

So a few days to sightsee, shop and practice breathing prana though my chakras instead of the Delhi air.

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