Back in the saddle – no not literally

Monday another journey begins. This time a crossing of the channel with Max (17) and Theo (13) -smaller versions of whom appeared in the first post here.

We plan to drive South to the Pyrenees, to the Monasterio de leyre in Navarra, a Benedictine community, where I stayed and prayed 6 years ago. That’ll be the base camp for an exploration of the mountains, and, if Theo has anything to do with it, the rivers and lakes too.

As with any trip there’re unknowns, not least of which is whether a 14 year old VW Golf will get us there and back and how things will run given that much testosterone in so small a space. We have three weeks, tarpaulins and bivvy bags, cameras, books, torches, fire, music, art stuff, even a map and GPS.
What could possibly go wrong.

Monasterio de leyre

The monastery at Leyre



2 thoughts on “Back in the saddle – no not literally

  1. Wow – it really does look something. Try to return with your front tyres in a better state than the front tyre of your poor, long-suffering Triumph the last time you visited! I have photographic evidence, lest you forget… Let’s pray. :o)

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