Up river

We’ve been dawdling. The great French rivers drawing us like sirens aided by Theo’s insatiable appetite for fishing. Three days before our ferry to England and we’re barely North of Bordeaux: less than 100 miles in 3 days, but there’s no rush, the countryside’s sublime.





Nik and Max Lisle

La Dronne



Max is reading Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. A story of a river subverting and threading together the protagonists: Marlowe (Captain Willard in “Apocalypse Now”) and Kurtz.

He’s also making the most of the empty, undulating D roads to practice driving.

Though the car can’t be described as fresh smelling, we’re doing fine: running on milkshake and delicious apple tarts. We’re also feeding our minds: I-spy, the story of Steve Jobs and Apple, Iain M Bank’s first Culture novel, our family history, masculinity (the first theme of this blog), England’s success against Pakistan in the Test series, Schrodinger’s cat and the nature of reality, and brilliant jokes, well maybe not that brilliant.

When not fishing, T’s following Frodo’s departure from the Shire.


Poisson :- Perch


I’m reminded that the idea for this trip came from driving around Albania in a hire car after the boat’s engine broke leaving us stranded in Greece. Good things can come from adversity, something Steve Jobs came to realise when he returned to Apple.

It’s been a rejuvenating and inspiring trip, and a stack of ideas and plans for the future cropped up along the way.

One thought on “Up river

  1. Great entry Nick – I could almost be there. Far too often, we got abroad and then tear around missing almost all of what is around us. 100 miles in 3 days about perfect, I’d say. And chess in the shade by the river? I could not think of anything more ideal on a summer’s day. Sounds like one to remember..

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