Au revoir France

Early morning hours spent waiting for any form of transport are especially hellish, and there’s yet four more to be had here in Calais before the ferry leaves.

Ferry wait

“Watched pots never boil” – time passing real slow

Time to sing the praises of a 14 year old Mk IV VW Golf, reflect upon a great road trip and…


Facing this lot every day would be enough to wipe the smile off most faces

Madonna and cild

Religion inspiring artists across the centuries

Ancient selfie

Mobiles distracting artists across the centuries (Is that the iPhone “death grip” Jobs recommended)

… wonder where next.


2 thoughts on “Au revoir France

  1. Paris, in fact any European city in July or Aug, is a no-go for me these days. The Mona Lisa room sums it up perfectly… There seems to be a global need to see all the major sites and be photographed by them, preferably by standing and rotating 360 with iPad or selfie stick to prove attendance. Give me chess by a river, with beer and cheese, in the evening sun ANY day. Love the ancient selfie though – a tablet of stone, no doubt. Looking forward to seeing you boys soon.

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