“Easiest pig I ever caught”

Abel Tasman was the first European to visit New Zealand in 1642,  Captain Cook came next in 1769, 127 years later – things moved more slowly back then.

We’ve slowed down too – to take in Mr. Tasman’s national park

theo and stick

its ridiculously lovely views,

abel tasman park

coastal waters, seal colony and bird sanctuary.


Time’s different here: hits from yesteryear play on the radio (Stevie Wonder’s being superstitious just now), happy hour is practically an institution and men hunt.
The title of this post came from a conversation with a countryman who recounted how he was offered a pig that’d run into the loo of a local restaurant – hell yeah.
Tomorrow we rejoin the road and head for Riverside, NZ’s oldest intentional community, after which, the lights of the capital.

2 thoughts on ““Easiest pig I ever caught”

  1. More of a tropical look now – lovely! Theo introducing gurning to the Southern Hemisphere also – quite a talent!..

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