So – what to expect next?

After having driven less than 100 miles all year I drove a hire van over 600 miles at the weekend. The first fifty were a bit nerve wracking. Though many still observe Lockdown at home, the roads seemed as busy as ever. The nervousness lasted about 10 minutes before the old driving skills (habits) kicked in and I again became that highly skilled “knight of the road” 😉. It made me wonder what the legacy of this past year might be. When restrictions are lifted, what will return to how it was, what won’t, and what will the changes be?

This plague has been like a mini extinction event, a dark line drawn through our time. But I don’t view it as entirely negative. The old ways weren’t that great, and let’s face it, not that kind to the planet. This year I’ve seen more neighbourliness, an appreciation of key workers, less commuting and unnecessary travel, tighter communities and more adaptation and cooperation. Most of the people I’ve met who haven’t lost a loved one, say that overall it’s been a positive experience, one that’s brought closer relationships, time to explore creativity, healthier lifestyles and remote working.

It’s believed the Cretaceous period and the rule of the dinosaurs ended when a meteorite struck the coast of Mexico. The ash blasted into the atmosphere caused rapid climate change and began a dark, cold period that extinguished 75% of land species. The creatures that survived were smaller, better able to regulate their body temperatures and live underground – mammals. I hope that from the inevitable collapse of large institutions like retail banks and shopping chains, new opportunities will similarly emerge.

Following all the horrors in Pandora’s box, the last thing to emerge was hope.
So let’s raise a glass of home brew and keep kneading the sourdough toward a better, more sustainable future.

Renaissance oil painting depicting Pandora on the verge of opening her famous box
Pandora and her box

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