Spice on the way to Ella

It’s easy to lose track of days on the road, and the reasons for deciding to go here or there, so not quite sure what brought me to Ella, but it’s tea country.

On the way here I dropped by the National Spice garden, a new initiative that, like the botanical gardens, is tranquil and immaculately kept. I think it will soon open to the public, but just now you can visit for free and be guided around (at one point I was attended to by three). Again I’m struck by the richness of Sri Lanka’s flora.

In the slide show below – Arabica coffee, Turmeric, Holy basil, Curry, Allspice, Long pepper, Black pepper, Cardamon, Robusta coffee

Ella attracts tourists, more than I’ve seen anywhere else here, which means the restaurants serve beer and the accommodation’s better. Being midway through this trip, now seems a good time to rest bike and bum, enjoy the view, and settle into the prospect of a new year. The road can be energising as well as tiring.

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