Easier said than done

Storm Eunice has just blown across the UK disrupting electricity supplies and driving up insurance premiums. There’s always something to fuel a media headline and distract from the ineffable fact that the world keeps turning and running down the clock.

It’s been a month since Sri Lanka; 30 degrees of an orbit, 30 or so turns around the axis, but much has happened to dim those sunny days. Getting back on the work horse has taken ten spins, but that’s maybe not so many to affect a return to digital government, it’s hard to say. But I’m pretty certain a challenge brings out the best in us. Work, like prayer feels like a discipline as well as a means of keeping a crust on the table and adventure on the cards.

Heliocentric image for blog 700

I read something about Lockdown having precipitated resignations as folk revaluate their lives; wouldn’t it be a shame if we just shuffled jobs and people around like deckchairs on the Titanic overlooking the possibility of a better work life balance. With many of us now in the home office (kitchen table), there’s an opportunity for change; but there’re challenges, not least with keeping everything organised and a clear head. Starting a new role has been a steep learning curve and quite disorientating; suddenly there’re two more email addresses, two more calendars, numerous slack channels, Trello boards, three more online meeting platforms and to cap it all, Windows – ffs!
So many more logins, people, impenetrable system generated passwords, one time texted codes, and cartoon emoji colleagues lined up in online meetings – is this work or the no-fun version of Minecraft?

So where’s this going?
The week before last, a short story aimed at a competition was coming along nicely, the word count ticking over quicker than a cabby’s clock; subsequently it’s stalled in the face of this new gig and a storm blasting its way across the allotment gardens. So on this blustery morn it’s good to again pick up pen, step back and take a step forward toward a more settled and creative frame of mind.

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