The eight limbs of yoga – Ashtanga

Unlike many spiritual traditions yoga seems to be gaining popularity in the West.

Frequency of “yoga near me” as a search term in Google UK. The dip in Spring 2020 is likely due to Covid lockdown restrictions

What we know as yoga was collated and defined by the Hindu mystic Patanjali around the third century CE. Though the word is now most often used to refer to the set of postures (asanas), these constitute only one of eight sutras (aphorisms) or set of rules he first wrote down. Each sutra describes one of the “limbs” of yoga, which include what to cultivate and avoid, posture, breathing, withdrawal, concentration, meditation and absorption. Ashtanga (having eight limbs or members) yoga then refers to Patanjali’s holistic guidance for achieving unity between mind, body, spirit the Divine.

From a growing enjoyment and appreciation of yoga I’d like to learn more about the other seven “limbs”. That’ll hopefully come through posting here about each of them.


The eight limbs of yoga

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