About this time 11 years ago we travelled as a family to Malaysia and Thailand. We were lucky. Though the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004 swept the beach we were on at Batu Ferrenghi, thankfully, it caused no casualties and only slight damage. After that we went to Kho Phangan in Thailand where Theo, who was just 2 at the time, fell from a 7m high viewing platform onto concrete.

He was knocked out but otherwise unharmed, and that night slept more soundly than either of his parents.  Afterwards, I found an ivory elephant charm to help keep him safe. Theo called it “Ont”, and it came with us when we visited a Buddhist monk on the island to give thanks and be blessed. To date, “Ont” continues to do a good job.

In Hinduism, Ganesh the elephant headed god is known for wisdom and knowledge, for removing obstacles from the path of those who need their’s cleared, and obstructing those who’d do well to slow down.
“Be it a prayer for a safe journey or at the beginning of a wedding or a birth of a child, Ganesha is more often than not, the go-to Lord for blessings.”

This Christmas Max gave me a charm he’d made.



So, whilst Ganesh attracts more attention down South in Maharashtra, I’ll nonetheless visit him at home in Delhi.



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