North, I mean South

I had thought to head North to the hills, but it’ll be chilly there this time of year, so now instead, the prospect of a 220km ride SE to Agra and the Taj Mahal, meant to be most beautiful at dawn (6:30).

Across from the Taj, the Agra fort is also a Unesco world heritage site; so that’d be a rare day amongst the world’s most extraordinary architecture.


Murghal (Red) fort Agra

So the first few days are now loosely filled: acclimatise in Delhi, kit-up, hire a bike and ride to Agra.  That’s probably far enough ahead, a good enough “Sprint 0”.

It seems odd to be writing, and posting pictures about places not yet visited. But isn’t planning a trip a simple pleasure? doesn’t fantasizing  beat advent advertising.

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