The Journey to Espana

There was drama, the boys, jointly entrusted with waking us up, both overslept an hour. Though we missed the ferry we were thankful for DFDS’s policy of allowing travel on the one before or after.leaving Dover

Watching the White Cliffs recede has always marked the end of preparation and the beginning of adventure, Laurie Lee describes it well:

“I found myself longing for some opposition or rescue, for the sound of hurrying  footsteps coming after me and family voices calling me back .
None came, I was free. I was affronted by freedom. The days silence said, go where you will It’s all yours, you asked for it.”
As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning

Rock Choir onboard

We shared the ferry with a community choir whose ferry set included Queen’s – Don’t Stop Me Now” which though hard to disagree with as a sentiment, led us to find quieter surroundings.

For most of northern France, we drove under grey clouds. Our first night tested the tarps and bivvy bags as we opted to sleep outside rather than inside the campsite. The manager there thought that Brexit would likely harm the UK in the short term, but after a few years we’d be better for it. I don’t think he was a fan of the EU, he mentioned immigration and the cost of living and I wouldn’t be surprised if France were to shortly swing further right.

Loire valley

The second night saw the sun set over the Loire and our bed

Going South through France is always a fab way to begin a trip, the French countryside being so very beautiful.

tree lined

Plane trees vanish into the distance

Bordeaux Vineyards

vineyards fill the fields to the horizon

lure fishing at dusk on the Dordoigne

T ensures we stay close to water

So far so good 😉

And after  5 nights we crossed the Pyrenees into Spain.


The bulls of Pamplona: I tried telling him they’re better taken by the horns

2 thoughts on “The Journey to Espana

  1. Wow – that view of the tree-lined avenue. Beautiful. I would love to be a fly on the wall with the three of you away… Play nicely!

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