Monasterio de Leyre

I first found the monastery at Leyre six years ago and it’s held a place in my heart ever since. It’s also the furthest we’ve planned.

Monasterio de Lheyre

Just about the entire cast of the New Testament depicted around the portico of Leyre’s ancient Roman church

On the way here we discussed religion: Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Hinduism, the significance of Christ’s crucifixion and Nietszche’s critique of Christianity as a slave morality – it’s really not just all I-spy and chocolate milk.

Jesus on the cross

Many villages have one, but he was particularly grim

We’re enjoying the beds and restaurant all the more from our days in the countryside. I’m enjoying the peace and atmosphere of the services. After lighting a few candles tomorrow we’ll leave for the mountains.

2 thoughts on “Monasterio de Leyre

  1. I enjoy visiting old churches, cemeteries and monasteries. There is so much history in those places I can almost hear the ghosts telling their stories… and the architecture is beautiful! Your photos are great! More please!

  2. Those lucky boys. I mean, to be able to discuss religion, crucifixition AND Neitzsche whilst imprisoned in a moving car over long distances…

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