River camp

From Leyre we looked for a mountain idyll and found one at Panticosa: Winter ski resort , Summer ghost town. For a couple of days we read, swam and savoured the tranquility.

from basecamp

Bigger trees in the valley were dead below 2m, I guess marking the height of the Spring floodwater

The river was fast flowing and chilly, but nevertheless the boys spent hours wading upstream.

Max by the river II

Surrounded by nature, it was easy to relax,


after breakfast and light domestic duties

before hitting the road again and heading North.

Max in the back

He could be advertising any number of things, but not hair products – Phew !

Whilst here, Theo grew taller than me.

biting the pyrenees

6’3″ @ 13 3/4 , Theo is tall, but not a giant, not just yet

One thought on “River camp

  1. What a splendid time is being had by you Richmond boys.
    It seems a world away from Edgbaston and all my parochial concerns..
    Foodie starts tomorrow so further distractions are due.
    Keep well and happy and fish well.

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