Returning to India

An idea is brewing, to once again fly to India, but this time ride back to the UK.

I’ve wondered about holding a tea party in each country along the away. That’s partly inspired by a piece of performance art called Walking: Holding, and another journey: –

In 1963  at the height of the Cold War, Satish Kumar  and Prabhakar embarked on a peace march to the four nuclear capitals: Moscow, Paris, London and Washington. Whilst visiting a tea factory in Armenia, they were given a further mission:-

“One of the women who had invited us into the factory stood up and rushed out the room. Moments later she came back with four packets of tea. She said to us, ‘What you are saying, I fully agree with – every word. Here are four packets of tea made in our factory. I know you are walking and you want to travel light, but these packets are very important. Please carry them with you. They are not for you. Please give one to the premier in Moscow, one to the President of France, one to the Prime Minister of England and one to the President of the United States. of America. Tell them that if they get mad in their minds and think of pushing the button to drop nuclear bombs, they should stop for a moment and have a fresh cup of tea from these packets.”

No Destination Autobiography of an Earth Pilgrim – by Satish Kumar

karmarama make tea not war IV

But for a couple of incidents in many thousands of miles, travelling has always revealed positive aspects of human nature: how ordinary people will get along and help each other, and how Muslim hospitality is second to none.  Filming a number of tea parties on the way back from India to the UK punctuated by footage of the journey might make an interesting travel movie.

Though politics is seldom straightforward, I suspect most conflict is caused by the vested interests of ruling elites, and as the world seems ever more dangerous and divided, I’d like to reaffirm faith in human nature and find more heartening stories.

4 thoughts on “Returning to India

  1. I agree with you. Most conflict is instigated by the ruling elites and the war machine who profits from killing…like the Dick Cheneys of the world. The media is their mouth piece who sole purpose to is to get high ratings so they can sell ore ads. They are all whores if you ask me. And fear is such a good motivator…even if its fake fear.

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  3. Nick, the very thought of a tea party along the way from India to London on a motorcycle excits me. Will have to read about Satish kumar and Prabhakar experiences. I have also written a book waiting to be published, Ride Your Dreams.
    My belief that there are good people every where in the world was further endorsed after I rode on a motorcycle from India to London in 2013. I met such wonderful human being on the way across 14 countries. To top it up I met most of them again last year in 2019 when I took a few motorcyclist through 21 countries to UK, a business venture am engaged in now.
    Politics and Greed to make unimgainable wealth from bloodshed of human beings are the same and Power Corrupts, a statement from the Roman times which holds true to this date.
    Interestingly TEA drinking at a tea stall by the roadside in India has a very different dimension. One can find out about a persons life, living in an area by visiting a tea stall for a couple of times. It’s like the pubs in UK. Tea stalls in India, you shall find almost every where, in a city or town or village by the hundreds. At a tea stall in India 80% customers are the same and while sipping of tea, read a newspaper bought by the tea stall owner, discuss politics and there person life. A tea stall owner is a contact point for all to find out what’s going on in X persons life. It’s an information center in itself. It’s the age old FB like social platform. So one can learn about the life’s of a customer visiting regularly to a great extent. There a lot more to a tea stall in India.
    I hope you visit India and ride to London soon.

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