Peaks 2017 - atop a hill

It was M’s idea to go away, so here we are in the Peak district atop the ridge behind Hope Valley just before the wind blew up and turned us back.

Peaks 2017 - playing pool

We played a lot of pool, in the oh so swish Loosehill youth hostel, and a lot more on the super swish table in the Travellers Rest pub.

The supermarket car park again

This pic of the journey back echoes the many feasts we enjoyed last year in France, when the sun shone and the supermarket tarte aux pommes were oh so sweet.
It’s just our thing.

Peaks 2017 - camper can jigsaw

And a jigsaw for the evening: this one was a little tinker.


2 thoughts on “Peaks

  1. Looks pretty marvellous, to be honest and, let’s face it, tartes aux pommes are so overrated. And Nick, where did you get those legs, where did you get those legs…

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