Nicaragua 2017

Tomorrow I’m going to Nicaragua. I’m currently in the fleeting space of time between college and uni or work where you arguably experience the most freedom of your life and I want to enjoy it by seeing the world and what it’s like to live completely differently.

A few of my friends have gone straight to uni which looks great, but I’ve been in education since I was four and think it’s time for a bit of a change. I’m still going to be learning while I’m out there though I’ll be volunteering; teaching English to kids in the city of Granada and learning Spanish at the same time.

I think overall I want to see a different perspective. To get to know a country, it’s language and let it change the way I think because I’m used to the English culture and it seems to be increasingly isolating. For example, you can make it further through each day without having to speak to anyone. machines and screens replace human interaction and conversation while people are busy and fraught with worry for money and their affairs. It’s easy to get caught up in it all, so I want to break off from that way of life for a while and see life without Facebook, self-service checkouts and toothpaste adverts.

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