Calle La Libertad

The volunteer accommodation is on the Calle la Libertad, a minute’s walk from one of Granada’s main Cathedrals and central park. Like the majority of the houses in this part of Granada it has very tall ceilings and big double doors – the main room could easily accommodate two floors and an attic but remains as one where you can look up and see the roof tiles. It’s a very spacious place and the dynamic is rather like student living because the people here are all roughly the same age (18-28). Washing up is left out with no-one minding much because there is an unspoken acceptable level of filth which no-one exceeds.

Its easy to strike up conversation in the house because everyone is open, friendly and interesting. The people here come from such a variety of countries, you often get completely different perspectives on matters you have visited before. With varying levels of Spanish and English spoken, the conversation sometimes fluctuates between the two which, it’s a good way to pick up new words.

This way of living as a result of this dynamic is completely different from a standard family model in the UK; people come and go of their own accord to visit Granada, shop or go for a drink so the combination of people is always refreshed. At the same time, there are things we all do together like have a meal once a week where everyone cooks something and we push all the tables together to enjoy each other’s company.

It’s a completely different way of life and feels very sociable.

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