T and I began our journey at noon on Saturday and en route –
Abu Dhabi

2 trains, 3 planes, 40 hours and 12 timezones

M, who’s been working in Aus, fetched up at Sydney airport –
gotcha 2
much to someone’s surprise.


After 2 days of ear popping, leg cramping and trundling luggage around giant displays of Toblerone (a permanent fixture in duty frees since 1973), we’re now beyond the Orient, in an isolated land across the far side of the world; but despite that, it’s strangely familiar.

beside the pool

Last night bagpipes echoed around lake Wakatipu, and this morning we ate beans on toast for breakfast before playing pool, whilst outside it rained – nothing like travel to broaden the mind.

You can see why Scots feel at home here

Three days in Queenstown to acclimatise, reconnect and suss out where we’re going.

3 thoughts on “Queenstown

  1. Excellent! You have survived a trip that would have taken months by boat. What the East India Shopping Co would have done with an Airbus 480…
    Love the pics of the boys, particularly the ‘before’ – a peach of both of them. Superb to have kept it a surprise. Rain, beans on toast, pool? – you might have well just gone to Ipswich really. It’s just as nice and only 20 mins in the car..
    Proud of you all – the start of a genuine adventure. Takes guts and imagination to build a trip like yours.

  2. Theo was well kippered :o)
    It is strange to be so very far away yet only in Ipswich.
    Looking forward to hitting the road tomorrow. So far seen very few bikes, push or motor, though there looks to be some fantastic riding – if you like hills.
    The East India Shopping Co is a nice revision.

  3. Oh my word, what an amazing adventure for you all. I’ve not seen Max for near on18 years. I have video of him at the Minories Easter egg hunt in around y2k. Be careful on the bike Nick. I look forward to further instalments. Mwah.

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