Basket of dreams

Yesterday we walked up Queenstown hill for a better perspective upon this old gold mining town.  It was a welcome stretch for cramped legs and a sunny day to practise with cameras. Near the top was a sculpture, a spiral to collect dreams.

Basket of dreams

Heads in the clouds

Today we strolled around Queenstown Gardens before sharing first impressions over lunch. Here is a strange mixture: single glazed wooden bungalows and beat up old Japanese cars, expensive new builds and exclusive golf clubs, 70,80,90s music on the radio, tourists from all over the globe, friendly locals, little evidence of  sailing (despite lake Wakatipu being vast and gorgeous), and above the ruckus of retro modernity, the tuneful call of the Tui bird.

queenstown gearth map

Tomorrow we’ll pick-up the van, pack and if there’s time head for Kinloch where two glacial flows pour into this great lake. Failing that, we’ll drive straight to lake Tekapo and hope the sky is clear enough to afford a view upon new stars.

2 thoughts on “Basket of dreams

    • I know.
      What would Abel Tasman or Cook make of it?
      When it took the former 5 months alone to sail here from Jakarta !
      Then again what’s most strange is how so much here is familiar – bungalows and baked beans on toast ffs –
      as if all the exoticism of both near and far East has been somehow leapfrogged.

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